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Back to School Prep Time

It’s that time of the year!!  Back to School specials, supplies, and surprises!!  How do you get ready for your Back to School excitement?  What special preparations do you routinely implement? 

Continuing with my Back to School Series, today I have tips #3 and #4.  Check out this blog post for tips #1 and #2.

NOTE: It’s also helpful to share some Back to School tips with parents.  I found this great resource to share.  

Back to School: Materials

Now that you’ve completed tips 1 and 2, it’s time to start moving into the classroom.  

Tip #3: Gather your student and teacher materials. 

Take time to gather all the teaching guides for the curriculum you’ll need to teach. Sometimes getting these resources can be a challenge if you need to depend on others to order the materials. Double check you have a complete set of resources, so you do not need to spend time hunting these down throughout the year. It’s also a good idea to stock up on your desk supply items, as the stock dwindles throughout the year and replenishment could be a challenge!!

While you’re at it, check that you have all the student materials. If you’re a classroom teacher, be sure to hold on to a few extra materials for new students that join your classroom family throughout the year.

Back to School

Back to School: Curriculum Map

Now that you have all your materials at hand, it’s time to update your curriculum map for the year. 

Tip #4: Update your Curriculum Map

Creating a year-long plan to map out the curriculum content you will teach, mandatory assessments, holiday breaks, and other special events for your school or family will ensure that the intended curriculum is taught while allowing ample time for learners to learn. Curriculum mapping can look different for each teaching context; however, creating a map is the key to successful year. You don’t go on a roadtrip without a map, so take time to develop a Curriculum Map for a successful journey!

I have created a Curriculum Design Challenge, where I walk you through every step to create, design, and implement a curriculum map.  I include an overview program design, unit design, and lesson design. I also include some of my personal resources that I use, including my yearlong planner, with this online course.  See the video below to get started.  

If you have not used a curriculum map, I highly encourage you to take the extra time to complete this step.  Utilizing an organized curriculum map will create a sequence of instruction to make your life so much easier this year.  I can honestly say, my life is stress free and balanced when I utilize a curriculum map.  As a result, I have a successful year in school, home, and overall life. 

Back to School: Related Resources

Are you looking for more Back to School Resources?  Stay tuned into my social media links for updated specials, sales, and discounts from your community.  Links are shared in the side bar, above, and below this post.  

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Back to School: Final Thoughts

There you have it!!!  Back to School Tips #3 and #4, along with access to My Top 10 Back to School Tips to help you launch a successful year!!!  Stay tuned for tips #5 and #6 coming in the next post!!

If you have questions about getting your year started, send me an email or schedule a conference call using the link in the side bar. 

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