My Top 10 Tips for Self Care

Self Care ~ What is it? How often do we take that moment to do something that makes us happy?  Most of us are juggling several roles: mom/dad, wife/husband, brother/sister, son/daughter, friend, coworker, leader, club organizer,  chauffer, problem solver .…


The 2020 Schooling Debate

The Great Debate of 2020 Reopening schools . . . the ongoing educational debate that students, parents, teachers, and policymakers are going through has heated discussions in all groups.  Although we are experiencing an unprecedented health pandemic, educating our youth…


Fun on July 4th!

A summer holiday is a perfect time to bring friends and family together to celebrate our freedoms. Use these post ideas to get your successful celebration started!!


An Alaska Adventure!

School is out and summer always brings an opportunity for experiential learning and adventures.  Even teachers appreciate this time to rejuvenate their brains and body and hangout with family!!  Therefore, I always take opportunities to share new learning and adventures…


Distance Learning in Full Swing

How is school going?  We are in full swing with distance learning, remote learning, online learning, homeschool learning . . . however you'd like to refer to our learning environment, we are doing it!!It is exciting to see and hear…