Happy Independence Day!

Teaching students about the historical components of Independence Day is part of the United States educational foundation (Spring, 2017).   Although we are not in school on this day, I spend time during the school year to discuss the meaning…

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Students collecting data with their chrome books on a google form in our google classroom.

High Flying STEM!

Well . . . after spending 25 years teaching in a traditional framework (last post), now I feel like I can finally TEACH!  The handcuffs are off, and I am free to inspire, motivate, and challenge my students to be the…


My Beginning Journey!

Time for a quick confession:  I have been struggling with a challenge . . .  a huge challenge.  For years I have researched instruction, curriculum, and assessment in every subject area of the PK-8 curriculum.  Now, after 26 years in…


Welcome to My Blog!

Hello Friends!! I am excited to have this opportunity to share my journey with you!!  I hope to help you along your journey to personalizing education in a digital world or simply using technology to support learning for your students.…