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Teaching handwriting with a literacy focus strengthens language domains.

Best Practices for Handwriting Instruction and Literacy

Best Practices for Handwriting Instruction What are the best practices for handwriting instruction? What do you mean? Isn't handwriting instruction teaching children how to form letters? When done properly, handwriting instruction is so much more than just forming letters. In…


Why Teach Handwriting?

Building Strong Foundations Through Handwriting Why teach handwriting? In our digital age, where keyboards and touchscreens dominate our communication, handwriting might seem like an unnecessary skill in the twenty-first century. However, its importance to learning remains undeniable. From building strong…


Journal Writing ~ Day by Day

Writing  . . . who loves writing?  Well . . . many do; however, I would gander a guess that many more do not.  Where do you fall on this spectrum? Journal Writing ~ My Struggles I remember my experiences…

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