Digital Citizenship in a Digital World

Technology.  How does it impact your life?  Do you see yourself using new technological innovations throughout the day?  What innovations are yet to be created? How do you use technology to teach? Are your students safe when on the computer?…


Fun on July 4th!

A summer holiday is a perfect time to bring friends and family together to celebrate our freedoms. Use these post ideas to get your successful celebration started!!


An Alaska Adventure!

School is out and summer always brings an opportunity for experiential learning and adventures.  Even teachers appreciate this time to rejuvenate their brains and body and hangout with family!!  Therefore, I always take opportunities to share new learning and adventures…


March Theme-Focused Learning

Can you believe we are halfway through March, the equinox is upon us in a few days, and spring flowers are blooming?  It is certainly a time for refreshing our spirits and learning! One of the fun events to celebrate…


STEM Dino-Egg Drop!

We've been studying dinosaurs, and we can't get by without designing a container to protect the dino eggs when falling off those cliffs or down the mountainside. To entice my students for the week, I placed a grapevine wreath, dino-eggs,…