How to Celebrate Independence Day with Sparkle

Celebrate Canada and Independence Day

Are you thinking about your upcoming Independence Day activities? Maybe you’re planning a BBQ and you’re looking for activities to keep the kids busy.

It’s that time of the year when July comes around and we find ourselves knee-deep in summer fun with camping, fishing, and swimming on the agenda. Now it’s time to start looking for some great ideas, activities, and events to spice up your celebration with Canada and Independence Day activities to provide some learning for kiddos. 

Look no further, I’ve got you covered!

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Although we are not in school on this day, I spend time during the school year discussing the meaning of “Independence Day”.  I tie this topic into learning experiences in November during the elections and the Thanksgiving holiday.  When parents provide learning over the summer, the children are ready for fun Independence Day activities.

Both Nation Days are a perfect opportunity to engage kiddos in a few history lessons while building family community and creating memories.  I’m going to share several opportunities for you, your family, and your friends to engage in some Nation Day fun with a learning twist.

Did you know . . . Teaching students about the historical components of Independence Day is part of the United States educational foundation (Spring, 2017).

Reference: Spring, J. (2017). American Education.

How do you, your family, and your friends celebrate Canada and/or Independence Day?

Independence Day Activities and Special Events

Independence Day activities

Most communities, big and small, celebrate Independence Day with a fun, festive tone.  Whether there are parades, festivals, carnivals, or firework displays . . . no matter how Independence Day is celebrated, it will be a fun-filled community event.

What festivities does your local community share with its’ members?  What are your favorites?  Will you try something new this year?

Celebrate Independence Day ~ Create Memories

How does your family celebrate Independence Day?  Do you attend special community events?  Does your family participate in marathons, and walk-a-thons, or enjoy being outside with nature? 

Whatever your family’s decision, the important outcome will be precious, priceless family memories.  

How do you document those memories? One great way is to print off those pictures from your phone and display them in your home. Use a high-traffic space to share pictures and change the pictures out monthly. Another great way is to take pictures and create a photo book or even a scrapbook of all the memories.

Create Crafts for Independence Day

Do your children enjoy crafting?  Provide Independence Day activities with crafts that focus on three colors – red, white, and blue – and include embellishments like glitter and stars for extra sparkle! These will certainly be perfect decorations for the BBQ and the spirit wear clothing that can be created for your gathering.

Click on a picture to learn more about each craft and the Amazon link.

Learning Fun for Canada and Independence Day Activities

With every blog post, I like to share an ENRICHMENT free resource with you, so you and your family can implement the ideas right away and create valuable opportunities and memories. 

So, with this post, I decided to share some of my family’s favorite ways to celebrate Independence Day, and these ideas can be used to celebrate Canada Day, too. 

Over the years, we have had the chance to try new celebration ideas.  Each one has been a perfect opportunity to expand our learning about this holiday, even each other, and create some fabulous family memories to cherish! 

I hope this free resource does the same for you, your family, and your friends. 

You can get your free resource by clicking below.

Independence Day Activities Promote Learning

Celebrating Independence Day with some learning is never the wrong pathway in my Independence Day adventures.  Reading some fabulous books that discuss the events that led up to why we celebrate Independence Day and the events that followed are perfect opportunities to read, learn, and write. Let your kiddos’ age and interest dictate what learning takes place.

Some of my favorite titles for younger kiddos are listed below.

To learn more about each book, click on the title for an Amazon link.

Related Resources about Independence Day Activities

Before I finish this post, besides the information shared and free resource I prepared for you, check out the links below for more ways to celebrate Independence Day!

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Final Thoughts

WOW!!  I am excited for you and your family to celebrate Canada and/or Independence Day and begin some new traditions. Regardless of the national holiday you celebrate, the 10+ Events to Celebrate Independence Day are equally perfect for any national holiday celebration!

Remember to check out additional local community sites and see how these can provide fun learning for your kiddos while creating new traditions and family memories.

I’d love to hear how you and your family enjoyed these ideas and activities with the comments placed below.

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