Curriculum Map: Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever started a school year and were swamped with 1,000+ things to get done?  I’m sure designing a yearlong curriculum map was probably not at the top of your “to do” list, after all, there are teacher manuals that share the information that needs to be taught.  Right?  Right.

Before the school bells ring, I encourage you to take a little time to learn about the importance of developing a curriculum map, how this strategy can increase student learning, and how YOU can personally benefit from this extra resource in your professional toolbox. 

Not sure what, why, or how to do this?  Join me for a virtual workshop where I walk through the process step-by-step and provide support to begin designing your yearlong curriculum map.

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Curriculum Map: What is it?

So what is a curriculum map?  In the education profession, a curriculum map is a complete yearlong design that outlines the intended instructional content, details cross curricular instructional units, and aligns with grade level standards. 

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Curriculum Map: Why is it important?

Based upon my self action research, there have been years when I took the time to design a curriculum map, and years when I did not. The years I took this extra step proved to be a more successful year for me and my students. 

When I talk to colleagues about using a curriculum map, they agree!  Each one also noticed a big difference in their school year AND classroom  management.  If you work on a teaching team, it’s helpful to create the curriculum map together.

Why?  The thematic units I designed were more cohesive and connected, flowing from one unit to the next. This allowed my students to make better connections with the content; therefore, learning increased. 

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Additionally, since I had an organized and detailed curriculum map in hand at the beginning of the school year, I never wondered what was coming next.  As a result, I was able to plan ahead – major WINS here!!! 

These “wins” allowed me to spend more time with my family and friends, and less time being isolated, stressed, and overwhelmed. 

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Curriculum Map: How is it created?

There are a few tools that need to be gathered before you design a curriculum map.

You’ll need

  • calendars: yearlong, monthly, weekly
  • office supplies: post it notes, pencils, paper
  • education resources: grade level standards, teacher program resources
  • optional but highly recommended: student interest surveys 

Once you have your materials, you’re ready to get started. 

Now at this point it’s much easier for me to share a resource with you that I am offering to help you design your yearlong curriculum map. 

Curriculum Map: FREE Workshop

I am offering a FREE Virtual Workshop: Curriculum Design Challenge where I will provide a step-by-step process to create a yearlong curriculum map.

As part of this training, I am also sharing my updated Curriculum Design Workbook with my very own resources and organizers I use to create my curriculum maps.  Check out the workshop and reserve your seat!

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Curriculum Map: FREE Workshop Content

I’ve outline the Workshop Syllabus below.  Don’t wait long . . . reserve your seat at the link above. 

This is an implementation Challenge! By the end of module four, you’ll have all the important components of your challenge completed. You’ll be prepared to continue revising and solidifying your Curriculum Map, so you are ready for an exciting journey teaching this year.

MODULE ONE ~ Designing a Curriculum Map

In module one, we will define a curriculum map and its’ purpose, review types of maps, consider all the elements for design, and learn the tools needed to get started. In module one, you will have clarity on how to design a yearlong curriculum map for your teaching context.

MODULE TWO ~ Creating a Yearlong Journey

In module two, we will use our resources, additional considerations, and student knowledge to create an overview for a successful and meaningful learning year. In module two, you will have clarity on how to create a yearlong curriculum map for your teaching context.

MODULE THREE ~ Developing Units of Adventure

In module three, we will use our roadmap to develop units of study, determine focus standards, plan instructional sequences, and create cross curricular connections. In module three, you will have clarity on how to develop units of study based upon your curriculum roadmap and additional considerations for your teaching context.

MODULE FOUR ~ Launching Learning Lessons

In day four, we will launch into our unit of study, break down instructional sequences into bite size pieces, and create lessons to support learners. In module four, you will have clarity on how to launch purposeful and meaningful lessons to meet your students’ needs.

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Curriculum Map: Final Thoughts

If you’ve never implemented curriculum designing in your back to school routine, get ready to experience teaching on a new, exciting level. Whether you are a homeschool, public, or private classroom teacher, I’m certain you will benefit from this extra measure of prep work, and this will quickly become one of your “go to strategies” to launch a successful year!

Did you find value from this Curriculum Map

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I hope you did, because each week I do my best to provide valuable, educational resources that you can implement into your teaching context to save you time and energy, so you have more time and energy to do what you love . . .

teach and create family memories!

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