Did you prank? Or get pranked?

Did you have an April Fool’s joke played on you?

On others?


I played a joke on my school kids. I had to wait till the end of the day, too. Sooo funny!!!



I had 10 nonsense words that could be sounded out – mostly. We did a spelling test to prepare for our state assessments (spelling is indirectly tested). I said the word, students repeated, and gave a sentence (vocabulary context clues). The looks and thoughts were absolutely priceless!! Some were even trying to figure out if the word was from the English language. A few words they thought were Spanish. LOL. I did not even crack a smile. Completely serious!!!


The kids tried really hard and were excited when they had correct letters. After 9 words like blorskee, chchch (bonus for ch to the third power), slipert, and speenuch, number 10 was April Fool’s! LOL. Sooo funny!!! Many kids came and said, “Dr. Durbin, that was a good joke.” I’m glad they enjoyed it, too.


A friend purchased not a dozen doughnuts for her class, but used the same box and had a dozen or two of clementine oranges. LOL



There are several “Teacher April Fool’s” pranks on social media. Check out this prank that inspired my spelling test. I pulled some words from this list because they sounded fun.


What was your favorite April Fool’s prank?

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Annette Durbin

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