Alaska Theme Teaching Handwriting Manuscript Levels 1 and 2

teach handwriting and learn about Alaska, overcome reading comprehension challenges

About this Teaching Handwriting Resource

This resource contains printable resources for teaching handwriting. Primary handwriting examples for all letters in the English alphabet include a focus on Alaska. This Alaska theme teaching handwriting resource allows students to learn about Alaska. Additionally, students develop primary handwriting skills necessary for fluid writing.

Preschool: Students practice handwriting with gross motor development and identify the letter.

Kindergarten: Students practice handwriting with gross motor development, identify the letter, and transition to smaller letters with more fine motor control.

First grade: Students practice handwriting while focusing on fine motor skills and working on handwriting paper.

Second grade: Students fine-tune handwriting lowercase and capital letters, learn about Alaska, and begin writing paragraphs on handwriting-lined paper.

Third grade: Students fine-tune handwriting lowercase and capital letters, learn about Alaska, write paragraphs on handwriting paper, and transition to writing paragraphs on notebook-lined paper.

Best Practices: Students learn best with developmentally appropriate experiences; therefore, due to the varied levels in this resource, differentiating work is simple. When your learner is ready to advance, I have additional resources in this series to support your learner while building knowledge.

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Instructional Strategies and Tips

Student book cover page – use as a workbook option

Blank-lined paper for extra practice

4 lesson pages per letter A – Z (grades PK-1)

5 lesson pages per letter A – Z (grades 2-3)

Lessons are perfect for whole classes, small groups, centers, and workshop

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⭐ This resource is perfect for any student in general education, special education, multilingual language learners, migrant education, and language-deficient students.


What do you know about Alaska? If you’ve never lived in the state, visited, or studied, you and your students are in for a treat!

Alaska is the 49th state added to the United States Union. The state also maintains all ecosystems throughout Alaska, home to various animals and plants, and has some of the most beautiful scenery from around the world.

With this resource guide, I took the opportunity to compile several “notes of interest” that students study as they practice their handwriting skills. This double dose of learning creates meaningful lessons and builds content knowledge.

NOTE: This resource pairs with another resource in my store, Iditarod Race Alaska STEAM. Learn more about Alaska and this annual race from Anchorage to Nome. The Iditarod takes place every March and students enjoy learning about the Iditarod and participating in an Idita-Read Challenge. Links to both of these resources are shared below.

Instructional Tips

When I use this handwriting resource, I take the opportunity to extend learning to other language aspects such as reading and writing. When using this approach, students are more motivated to learn about Alaska, take ownership of their work, and find value in practicing handwriting while learning simultaneously.

I hope you and your learners enjoy participating in learning about Alaska through the alphabet handwriting pages in this resource.

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