Celebrating 12 Days of Holiday Fun!

Let the countdown begin!!! It’s that time of year when students are full of excitement, wonder, and ready for the upcoming holiday break!

holiday lessons, holiday projects for elementary students

But . . . are you counting down the days to the holiday break, too? Perhaps the countdown brings some stress since there is so much to do before the end of the semester, parties to plan, concerts to prep, holiday gifts to prep and make, papers to grade, not to mention holiday prep on the home front.

Well . . . I don’t want you to worry one bit. I have prepared some amazing holiday fun for your students that will alleviate some of that stress, so you can enjoy this time of year with your students.

Each resource has an education focus, but with a fun twist to continue engaging and motivating students to learn during this “glitter, lights, and sparkle” season. You’ll find cross-curricular resources that can be adapted to any grade level.

I will post a new resource right here during the first twelve days in December! Come back, snag your resource and enjoy these stress free days leading up to some solid rest and relaxation for you.

Alright . . . let the FUN begin!!

12 Days of Printables to Spark Holiday Fun!

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