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Are you working towards the exemplary traits of an accomplished teacher? Do you want to improve your instructional skills, strategies, and practices? Are you ready to take your pedagogy to the next level?

Whether you are a public, private, or homeschool educator, providing the best instruction for your learners is paramount for their achievement.  

I am very excited to offer an opportunity to partner together and help you become the best educator you can be!  Whether you are looking for a person to bounce ideas or want some deep-down, nitty-gritty focus on instructional skills and strategies, this is the perfect opportunity for you!

Personalized Coaching for YOU!

My name is Annette, and I am excited to partner with you as your personal coach. I have 28 years of classroom experience in the public and private classroom, as well as 4 years as a homeschool parent when my own kiddos were young.  I know what it takes to meet the varied needs of all learners whether you are teaching a class of 1 or 35. More than that, I have a the practitioner experience to put the knowledge into action. 

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national board certified teacher
Dr. Annette Durbin, Ed.D. National Board Certified Teacher

Over the past 15 years, I have also mentored preservice and inservice teachers in my school, district, state, and nationwide to develop and examine the skills, strategies, and practices of an accomplished teacher. Additionally, I have successfully mentored more than one hundred national board certified teacher candidates through a rigorous process to achieve the highest level of teacher certification. This mentorship work has been done through teacher requests or as a university professor. Currently, I am heading up a mentorship program in my district supporting new teachers to ensure their success in the classroom.  I am proud of the partnerships and work I have done to support educators to reach their personal goals. 

Are you ready to get started?  

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I will be able to help you examine your current knowledge base and, together, determine the next sequence of steps to help you reach your goals. I have enjoyed working with the various educators as they work to meet their own goals, whether that is national board certification or to improve their own knowledge and craft. I will work with you, push you, guide you, and celebrate with you new accomplishments to help you be the best educator you can be.

Check out my online, personalized coaching opportunities for all educators working towards national board certification, focusing on the exemplary traits of an accomplished teacher, or just want to work with another practitioner and accomplished teacher to gain more knowledge in education. 

Start YOUR Journey Today!

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Annette Durbin

Annette has been an educator for more than 30 years working in the PK-6 elementary classroom, K-12 multi-language learner instructional specialist, district leadership, university professor, as well as a mentor for teachers nationwide. A National Board Certificated Teacher, Annette focuses her research on accelerating learning and advancing achievement, personalizing instruction, technology, and leadership in the education field.

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