How to Fundraise for your Class!

Have you heard about   This is a crowd funding website where teachers/club organizers can post projects to raise funds for materials that support learning.     There are many materials my students need to increase learning opportunities.  Before…


STEM Dino-Egg Drop!

We've been studying dinosaurs, and we can't get by without designing a container to protect the dino eggs when falling off those cliffs or down the mountainside. To entice my students for the week, I placed a grapevine wreath, dino-eggs,…


Dino-mite infused fun!

After the launch of our Dinosaur project based learning unit with a field trip to the Alaska State Fair, it was time for us to learn about the dinosaurs, answer our essential and personal questions, and figure out the answer…

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Students collecting data with their chrome books on a google form in our google classroom.

High Flying STEM!

Well . . . after spending 25 years teaching in a traditional framework (last post), now I feel like I can finally TEACH!  The handcuffs are off, and I am free to inspire, motivate, and challenge my students to be the…


My Beginning Journey!

Time for a quick confession:  I have been struggling with a challenge . . .  a huge challenge.  For years I have researched instruction, curriculum, and assessment in every subject area of the PK-8 curriculum.  Now, after 26 years in…