Teacher Specials on Amazon Prime Day Deals 2023

Amazon Prime Day Deals July 2023 teacher specials are just around the corner!! While we wait for July 11 and 12 to come, Amazon will have prelaunch discount items, including those teacher specials, so you can save money. Can I get a “WOOT-WOOT”!

Then, when July 11 and 12 come along, expect to see deep discounts on additional items including Amazon Prime Day deals on laptops and Prime Day deals on books!

Finally, over the next couple of days, Amazon will continue to offer discounts as Amazon Prime Day July 2023 deals come to an end on July 14.

Check back on this page for those teacher specials that I can find. If you’re looking for something specific, give me a shout out, and I’ll help you find it!

Goldendoodle puppy is waiting for the teacher specials to be delivered by the UPS driver.
My goldendoodle puppy, Buckeye, is waiting for the teacher specials to be delivered by the UPS driver.

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NOTE: This Amazon Prime Day Deals July 2023 event will prelaunch with initial savings, showcase the huge savings July 11-12, and include follow-up savings through July 14. 

Prime Day Deals: Are you ready?

Looking to avoid the Back-to-School rush and stress?
Want to keep more money in your own pocket?

It’s that time of the year when teachers and parents are “starting” to think about back to school. Shelves are stocked with notebooks, folders, crayons, clothes, and the list goes on. However, we are still in summer vacation mode . . . who wants to shop in stores? No worries!!! I’ve got you, my friend!!

The Teacher Specials from Amazon Prime are here!

These are not only teacher specials, but the deals shared will maintain an education theme (daycare, parents, homeschoolers, and any education professionals would be interested). Anyone can join! 💥 Share this event with your friends and family!

Alright, my friends, I’m off to find those deals for you!! Check back often and share this event with your friends and family!!!

Prime Day Deals July 2023 Teacher Specials

Teacher Specials on Organizing

Teacher Specials on Books

Ahhhh!!!! I love this author, Kate DiCamillo!! I NEVER read a poor or boring book from her. This is a great read aloud for grades 3-5 or a great book club book for grades 4-6.

My 4th grade boys love this series! These are a graphic novels and the kids devour this book series. Score! 51% savings

Where are our Lego builders??? Let the imagination begin!! Add some legos to your cart and enjoy hours of fun creating!!

This is another great SEL book!! Perfect for those children who are perfectionists, struggle when it’s not right the first time, or struggle to get started due to not wanting to mess up.

Kate DiCamillo writes for series books for early readers. The main character, Mercy (similar to Wilber in Charlotte’s Web), has a variety of adventures. Perfect for early readers grades 1-3. 10% savings.

Let’s get cooking!!! Kitchen chemistry!! Such a fabulous way to teach math, following directions (and creating, too), along with literary genre. This is a great gift, too!! 33% savings.

Penny Purple taught us how to be a purple person. A person who finds common ground with others while celebrating what makes them unique!  Another great SEL book! 58% savings.

Another great SEL book focusing on doing your best and knowing your best is enough! 31% savings

Teacher Specials on Supplies

Say what? Glitter Card Stock? This is perfect for those art projects, special cards, and learning portfolios. 14% savings

These writeable tabs are great for jotting down a quick instruction note or comment and placing them in the TE or picture book.

Students love a cute, colorful stamp to share and state their grades. Add some extra fun to the assignment with these stamps. 7% savings.

Astrobrights Color Cardstock ~ create long-lasting learning materials on cardstock, laminate, and store them in a container, so you don’t need to recreate the resource again. 60% savings

Graphite pencils ~ I don’t know about your students, but my students knew how to make pencils “disappear”. Having extras on hand is a must. 20% savings.

Colored pencils are always a must to have on hand. I have a cooperative sharing container for students to use as needed. 20% savings.

Index cards are a versatile tool for daily classroom use. From flashcards and anecdotal notes to workshop and center task cards, these are a great way to stay organized. 20% savings.

Mr. Sketch markers ~ Yes!! Who else enjoy smelling these markers? I love using these for anchor charts and projects. Students love these for their projects, too.

Plastic folders with pockets, prongs, and front cover clear insert ~ These are the perfect folders for unit projects, book reports, or a mini-portfolio.

Plastic tab folders with pockets ~ I love using these in my curriculum binder to stay organized. Pastel colors. 20% savings.

I love using these plastic folder tabs with pockets in my curriculum binder to stay organized.

Plastic folders with pockets, prongs, and front cover clear insert ~ These are the perfect folders for unit projects, book reports, or a mini-portfolio. Pastel colors. 28% savings.

Teacher Specials on Class Supplies

Keeping our hands clean is the number 1 way to stay well during the school year. Kill those icky germs and keep your hands clean. 20% savings

Sanitation wipes are on the class supply list, but we always seem to run out of this cleaning staple. I like to have some extras on hand for school (and home). 20% savings.

Composition notebooks are a must-have. I always pick up a class set every year to use for my own meeting notes and model interactive notebooks as well as for students who don’t have a composition notebook.

The KING of pencil sharpeners is right here!!! I LOVE this sharpener!!! The trick – do NO sharpen colored pencils in this ONLY graphite. Then your sharpener will last years and years!! You’re welcome! Bonus: connect this sale to Rakuten for additional savings.

Lined Post-it notes ~ Sometimes when I write notes, I need a little more space and lines for a more professional look.

Lined Post-it notes ~ Sometimes when I write notes, I need a little more space and lines for a more professional look. 44% savings.

These Post-it notes are the perfect size for placing a note on student papers, use as a divider for notebooks, and even placing in a lesson plan square when lesson changes are needed.

These cute pastel post-its have lines and boxes to check off my “to-do list”. I love to check off my work and my students love these, too. 5% savings.

Teacher Specials on Games

Technology ~ Engage your learners with a teaching tool. On the Fire HD 10 Kids, kids can enjoy thousands of ad-free books, games, videos, apps, and more. and this includes 1 year of Amazon Kids+ – a digital subscription designed for kids to safely learn, grow and explore. 40% savings.

Learning is always fun when there is a “game format” available. Preschoolers learn about letters, colors, eye-hand coordination, numbers, matching, and patterns all with this game. 40% savings.

Love these daubers!!! Included in this Prime special are downloadable activity sheets. Receive 3 activity books with over 100 fun and educational PDF pages. Just print and play! Creative play promotes early childhood development, hand-eye coordination, and color recognition. 60% savings.

The food prep containers are the perfect way for you to prep meals ahead of time, pop them in the freezer, warm them in the microwave, and toss them in the dishwasher for easy cleanup. These are also perfect for those workshop or center activities. A perfect way to keep your materials organized. 40% savings.

Teacher Specials on Learning Resources

Learning is always fun when there is a “game format” available. Preschoolers learn about letters, colors, eye-hand coordination, matching, and patterns all with these puzzles. 31% savings.

Mechanical pencils are always my go-to!! I love how they write with never a dull point. Perfect for notes, grade book entries and notes, lesson plans, etc. 47% savings.

STEM!!! Learning is always fun when there is a “game format” available. Students learn about letters, colors, eye-hand coordination, matching, patterns, and magnetic properties all with this game. 41% savings.

The first-day chalkboard is suitable for being a back-to-school photo prop, which is perfect for commemorating the first day of Preschool, Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st-12th Grades. Record the children’s 1st day of school and take photos to capture these special moments. 10% savings.

These flashcards are made for easy reading, visual learning, and for fast signing. Everyone can benefit from their straightforward format with a detailed written description on one side and a drawing of the sign on the other. 16% savings.

I thought these stickers would be perfect for water bottles, rewards, computers, lunch bags, etc. Positive messages and images. These stickers are very cute and fashionable, suitable for dressing up various items. For example, hydro flasks, laptops, water bottles, skateboards, luggage, etc. 30% savings.

Now students can learn about the solar system with this floor puzzle. Promotes hand-eye coordination: Our kids’ space puzzle is designed to help children develop strong problem-solving skills, assisting them in the development of hand-eye coordination. 33% savings.

Encourage kids to learn, adopt and practice a healthy posture while building core strength from active sitting and play in the classroom and at home while studying or reading and during movie time or watching TV. 25% savings

Shopping Prime Day Deals ~ Extra Teacher Specials

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