Click here to learn more about Dr. Annette Durbin, Ed. D. and her professional journey. An educator for more than 30 years, Dr. Annette is a teacher leader supporting other teachers in her district, state, and nationwide. Join Dr. Annette and her online community of educators to learn and network with others along your professional journey.

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Connect with Dr. Annette to overcome the instructional challenges and demands elementary teachers face every day. Utilize a variety of resources to build a classroom culture with a literacy focus and differentiate instruction in the classroom to ensure optimal success for every student.

Teaching literacy in elementary grades through literature can be a challenging task. Learn more about creating a literacy-inspired classroom.
Meeting the needs of all students is not easy. Learn how to differentiate instruction in the classroom to create engaging lessons, meet student’s needs, and teach a full curriculum.
Learning doesn’t happen without a caring, compassionate community. Building a positive classroom culture takes time, practice, and consistency in modeling expectations.
Active education coaching can make the difference between a successful year or a stressful year, stagnant growth or high growth, even a lackluster career or a prosperous career. If it is important to do, it is important to have a coach.

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    Blue Ribbon Teacher Testimonials

    Join our community to collaborate, network, build your resource files, and experience professional growth, so YOU can be your very own version of an AMAZING Blue Ribbon Teacher enjoying a satisfying professional journey and successful career!




    This Week’s Featured Blue Ribbon Teacher Resource

    Using picture books to teach a social-emotional learning example is perfect for children to hone in and practice social-emotional development strategies with their peers. Get your free resource with six of my favorite books.

    Teaching students social and emotional skills can be challenging. There are many perspectives and experiences outside of the classroom that impact topical discussion.

    However, over the years, I have found common ground in teaching children’s literature. These books build social, emotional, and literacy skills simultaneously. Score! This solution is a great compromise to reach all learners’ needs coupled with the demands for learning.

    Whether you have a classroom of 25 students or a family of a few kiddos, this resource holds wonderful learning opportunities and seeds to further discussion with your learners.

    Hey Friend!! Dr. Annette Here

    Your Blue Ribbon Teacher Coach!!

    Connect with Dr. Annette to overcome education challenges and demands, achieving a professional career as a
    Blue Ribbon Teacher.

    I am an enthusiastic, self-motivated, passionate, God-loving elementary teacher who loves learning and helping other students and educators be the very best version of him/herself possible!!

    I was that little girl who enjoyed keeping my nose in a book, playing school all summer with my sisters (my students), and working on projects.

    After 28 years in the general education classroom spanning grades PK-6, I decided to make a professional change. As a result of my educational experiences and training, I decided to focus my work on English language learners and supporting teachers with professional development.

    Over the years, I’ve continued my love of reading, teaching, and crafting. This passion has inspired me to focus my career on creating a classroom culture built on high expectations in a student-centered environment with a literacy-infused curriculum.

    Have a beautiful and blessed day doing what you love!!

    ~ Dr. Annette  

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