Thirsty? Techy H2O Bottle to the Rescue!

Over the December 2017 holiday break, I was watching “The Top 10 Holiday Gifts” on the MSNBC Today Show.  I saw this water bottle that lit up to remind you to drink water.  I thought that would be a cool gift, but wasn’t going to make the purchase for myself, since I already had several water bottles.

Later that evening, my husband and I got on the topic of holiday gifts (Yes, we seem to wait until the last minute to shop.).  I shared this water bottle idea with him.  He thought that would be a great item to have (personally) and went to Amazon to check it out.  It wasn’t long before we were choosing water bottle colors: a dark pink for me and teal/blue for him.

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I have got to say that I’ve been using this Hidrate Spark water bottle for the past seven months and absolutely LOVE IT!!  The water bottle goes everywhere with me.  Once I went home and left it at school. I made a return trip that night to pick it up.  LOL  Well, I had to . . . it was calling me.

PROBLEM:  We all know how important it is to drink at least 64 ounces of water everyday.  I don’t know about you, but I have good intentions of drinking my water.  However, “the busy teacher life” seems to cause a distraction.  As teachers, we always get busy working with students, talking with colleagues, prepping lessons, gathering last minute items . . .   You know what I mean.  Before you know it, the coffee is cold or the water is warm.

I thought that would be a great gift!

SOLUTION:  ENTER the Hidrate Spark water bottle!  I keep the Hidrate Spark bottle on my desk, so it is accessible.  The first time the Hidrate Spark light flashed, my third and fourth graders asked what was going on with the bottle.  I told them the flash is my reminder to drink water.  Anytime the Hidrate Spark is flashing, my kids (especially Haile) are the first to say I need to drink water.  LOL  Once my principal was in my classroom when the Hidrate Spark began flashing.  She asked why the bottle was flashing.  The kids let her know, “Dr. Durbin needs to drink water!”  My students all have water bottles on their desk, too.  This is a great reminder for all of us to drink water.

Besides the flashing light reminder, I love how this water bottle connects to my Apple watch.  I’ll get a notification such as “It’s time to hydrate!” from the Hidrate app to drink more water.  The app keeps track of how many ounces I’ve had AND allows me to manually add water that I drink at a restaurant that is not from the Hidrate Spark.  Hey, I want credit for all my water.  This is simply smart drinking!!


  • GLOWS to remind you to stay hydrated.

  • Tracks water intakes and syncs with smartphones (iOS and Android) via Bluetooth.

  • Integrates with Fitbit®, Apple® Watch, and other activity trackers to adjust your daily water goal to your daily activity level.

  • Holds 24 ounces. Fits in standard cup holder. Bottle cavity and cap dishwasher safe; hand wash sensor stick.

  • Battery operated; no need for charging.

If you’re wanting OR needing to drink more water, add this interactive water bottle, Hidrate Spark, to your Back to School list. This is certainly a water bottle you won’t leave home (or school) without!  This product is highly recommended!

Click this link to view Hidrate Spark and the assortment of colors.  Choose your favorite color and stay hydrated!  If you purchase this product, please share in the comments how it is working for you!!

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Annette Durbin

Annette has been an educator for more than 30 years working in the PK-6 elementary classroom, K-12 multi-language learner instructional specialist, district leadership, university professor, as well as a mentor for teachers nationwide. A National Board Certificated Teacher, Annette focuses her research on accelerating learning and advancing achievement, personalizing instruction, technology, and leadership in the education field.

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  1. Tiffany

    This is so clever! I get super forgetful about drinking water and I think this bottle would go a long way towards helping me make right choices!

  2. T.M. Brown

    This is a very interesting concept! I love how it reminds you, though I wonder if it becomes a nuisance at times. LOL. I’m glad you have the kids learning how to stasy hydrated, as well. Good tip!

  3. Monica

    This looks fun to take on adventures and outdoor trips. I love the color and the light up factor is one I haven’t seen before.

  4. Christa

    I love this! I have an Apple watch and am always looking for new ways to integrate it into my life. I also love that it fits into a cup holder. The last water bottle I bought didn’t and it was so frustrating.

    1. User Avatar
      Annette Durbin

      Hi Christa, I know what you mean with the cup holder frustrations!! This bottle fits snuggly into my car cup holder, so I have it handy on the go, too. I also like the connection to my Apple watch. No matter where I am, I can monitor my water intake.

      ~ Annette

  5. Ashley Reese

    Ok, this looks like the coolest water bottle ever! Now I want one! It can be so hard to drink enough water so I bet this would help out!

    1. User Avatar
      Annette Durbin

      Hey Ashley! Yes!! This is the coolest water bottle I’ve ever had. This is a great resource for people working out or wanting to be healthier. It’s been a great resource for me.

      ~ Annette

  6. Evelyn Hernandez

    Most of my clients have problems drinking water, this techy bottle should be able to help them, cool gadget!

    1. User Avatar
      Annette Durbin

      Hello Evelyn, this is a pretty cool gadget that is very beneficial, too! Drinking water has many, many health benefits AND it may help your clients, too. It’s always worth a try.

      ~ Annette

  7. Michele Vadnais

    I’ve seen similar bottles and wondered if it would really be useful…looks like I have my answer!

    1. User Avatar
      Annette Durbin

      Hello Michele, for me . . . this is a PERFECT water bottle to help me drink more water. I’ve gone from drinking soda to tea and now just water (90% of the time) and tea the other 10%.

      ~ Annette

  8. Ina @ Crafty For Home

    There is never too late to prepare holiday gift, the earlier the better, and the water bottle is great!

    1. User Avatar
      Annette Durbin

      I completely agree, Ina! Spreading out the costs of buying gifts is a great idea!!

      ~ Annette

  9. Pam

    What a cool idea! I’ll definitely have to check it out.

    1. User Avatar
      Annette Durbin

      Hello Pam! This is certainly an innovative tool to health. Let me know if you decide to get one and your thoughts about the resource, too!

      ~ Annette

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