Fun on July 4th!

A summer holiday is always an exciting time for kids and adults. BBQs, parades, fireworks, red, white, and blue spirit wear . . . yes, most Americans take some part in celebrating this holiday.

American flag, Alaska flag
The Stars and Stripes flag are seen throughout the United States as well as some countries around the world. The flag symbolizes our Independence in 1776, patriotism, and freedom.

Traditionally, July 4th is a time to get together with friends and family to celebrate our Independence as a nation. Oftentimes, kids don’t fully understand the reason why we celebrate this holiday, so while you are putting together the festivities, take a moment to make this an educational experience.  

Here are some great resources to engage your kiddos in learning about Independence Day!

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Fourth Of July activity book is a great activity for children. Not only does it take you away from the screens of tablets and computers, but it gives you an authentic way to connect and have fun!



On a hot summer day near Philadelphia in 1776, Thomas Jefferson sat at his desk and wrote furiously until early the next morning. He was drafting the Declaration of Independence, a document that would sever this country’s ties with Britain and announce a new nation—The United States of America. Colonists were willing to risk their lives for freedom, and the Declaration of Independence made that official. Discover the true story of one of the most radical and uplifting documents in history and follow the action that fueled the Revolutionary War.


This book recounts the origins of the desire for independence in the colonies that would become the United States, the events that led to open rebellion, and how the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence, and discusses its meaning.

This engaging account delves into the deep-rooted conflicts between the American colonies and the British crown, presenting the Revolution not as a sudden break between distant governments but an inevitable result of building pressure, spurred on by events and guided by the distinct personalities that would become the Founding Fathers.  


I also love to access The History Channel for more videos about Independence Day and The Declaration of Independence leading up to the American Revolutionary War.  Simply search these key words in the search bar.

Now that everyone understands the historical aspects to this important day, it is time to prepare for a festive event! 

Show Your Spirit!

American Flag: Whether you choose to fly a flag from a pole, place a wreath on your door, or create a welcoming entrance to your home . . . you can’t go wrong by displaying an American flag to show your pride! 


When the skies begin to darken, it is time to get those sparklers out and attend a local community firework display.  It is important to check your local laws and permits before using firework items on your home property.  We enjoy getting a few sparklers to share as the sun starts to set. In Alaska, it doesn’t get completely dark, so our sparkler celebration begins around 10:00PM, and then we are off to see the local fireworks show at midnight.

The Spirit Day clothing wear is endless!! Here is a small sample. 

Start your celebration right with the perfect t-shirt, ball cap, bandana, dress, socks, pants, shorts . . . the red, white, and blue fever is ongoing!! 

It’s always FUN to wear your spirit with pride to your July 4th festivities!!


Isn’t this the cutest spirit package!?!  Quite the variety of items to share your spirit on July 4th!!


Are you looking for some party supplies? 

I love this July 4th bundle!!  It comets with plates, napkins, cups, AND an assortment of decorative items to spruce up your  patio and deck!!  I love those patriotic toothpicks for fruit trays, cheese trays, even cupcake toppers!

When putting together a show stopping exterior celebration setting, don’t forget your family room!  These patriotic pillows add a Patriotic POP when placed on your sofas and chairs.



ALWAYS take a moment to THANK a veteran, active duty, or guard service member.  If it wasn’t for their call to duty, we would not have the freedoms we enjoy today!!



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    Love the activities and reading for the kiddos!

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    These are great learning resources! Hope you enjoyed the 4th. I enjoyed much needed down time.

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    Great post! We didn’t make any plans this year for 4th of July but we might be able to find some movies to watch to celebrate instead. We just watched Patriots Day yesterday and I know movies like The Patriot are on Netflix right now so we might do something like that.

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    Great ideas! Especially the books and activities for children to learn how our country was founded.

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      Thanks!! It’s always nice to learn about something and have fun doing it!!
      Have a fabulous weekend celebrating!

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